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A 9 years old who dreams it big. It was years ago that Priya came to Delhi with her Parents and elder brother Prakash aiming to prove their best to the world but under-privileged is the curse for them depriving them of many things with education as one of it. Priya’s parents earn little working as domestic helpers but try and give their children the basic education without letting their children be the victim of the curse. Both Priya and her brother Prakash attain remedial education at Harnand foundation.

Mom and Dad work as domestic helpers and would never want their children to lead life as they do. Priya’s innocence speaks up and she says “I want to be Doctor because I have a fascination towards the Doctors who wear white coats and I want to wear it one day.” This is what she says being unknown to the fact that she can get it done with the education that she is attaining as the word Impossible can also be read as ‘I’ ‘m’ ‘possible’. Priya loves to read and write English and a learning sentence formation.