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Diwali celebrations at Harnand
It was the festival of lights at Harnand Foundation. A day filled with positivity, hope, aspirations, and the overflowing of ideas. Whether it was decorating the notice boards, painting innocent illustrations depicting Diwali, lighting diyas, sharing gifts and sweets, the children had a day out with wishes and blessings from their mentors to go ahead in life with success and continue to celebrate the festivities with great enthusiasm. The students had a great time celebrating with personalized hand-made cards for the guests arriving who were welcomed their way with roses, gifts and sweets and children reciting poems for them. The children at Harnand were more than excited to portray their beautiful little creation in the form of decorations, rangoli, greeting cards and their artistic work in colors of their imaginary world. Harnand had a memorable Diwali with lots of good wishes for the kids to excel in whatever they do.

Harnand Foundation completes 1 Year devoted towards remedial education
Their endeavor to give free remedial education proves a great success and serves as the best example to others planning to work for the under-privileged. Established on 23rd of December 2009, with the sole aim to work for the benefit of the under-privileged, Harnand Foundation completed 1 year of instilling in value education to children for a better future. The one long year have been quite enlightening for the kids with qualified teachers working it out to make them good in whatever they do. What started with just six children, now have 89 jewels excited to learn new things. Just as the student strength has increased so have increased, the willingness to learn and emerge bright as a shining star. The teachers have worked their best in making kids responsible, obedient and skillful just as they learn to do well with numbers in Mathematics, talk, write well in English, have an inclination towards learning Computers and learn their mother tongue language Hindi with ease. Inspired by the founders, Mr. Harbhajan Singh and Mrs. Nand Kaur Anand, Harnand foundation is happy to pass on their wishes and make their souls proud. Educating future leaders for one golden year, this organization looks forward in completing more years to come and continue spreading the light of education. The school recently celebrated their most awaited annual day with full vigor and vitality, hoping to keep working for the under-privileged kids and make them a better person for a better future ahead.

Harnand Foundation in Christmas colors
Harnand foundation was in Christmas colors and their favorite Santa was around fulfilling wishes, blessing the kids and giving away presents for the holiday season. Children remembered Christmas as a festival of joy with a message of love to all. The children were asked to describe Christmas and its significance and they knew it all that Christmas celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus that follows with singing of the Christmas carols, decoration of the holy Xmas tree and collecting presents from Santa Claus. The children had a great time and participated in the Christmas celebration with great zeal. The school made a great effort in bringing in Christmas fervor with their efforts to make Christmas, a cherished moment of their lives.
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A 9 years old who dreams it big. It was years ago that Priya came to Delhi with her Parents and elder brother Prakash aiming to prove their best to the world but under-privileged is the curse for them depriving them of many things with education as one of it. Priya’s parents earn little working as domestic helpers but try and give their children the basic education without letting their children be the victim of the curse. Both Priya and her brother Prakash attain remedial education at Harnand foundation.

Mom and Dad work as domestic helpers and would never want their children to lead life as they do. Priya’s innocence speaks up and she says “I want to be Doctor because I have a fascination towards the Doctors who wear white coats and I want to wear it one day.” This is what she says being unknown to the fact that she can get it done with the education that she is attaining as the word Impossible can also be read as ‘I’ ‘m’ ‘possible’. Priya loves to read and write English and a learning sentence formation.